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Chigo is creating the world’s best air conditioning as well as kitchen appliances and concentrating on striving and leading to offer excellent high quality products. Chigo products are a success and have received recognition certificates when it comes to high quality and durability and it is designed in a bold shiny and sparkling look you will cherish. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online at the best prices in Ghana when you need freezers, gas burners, air conditioners and much more of Chigo products at Shopbeta.

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We have various authentic appliances for you at shopbeta from the Chigo brand. Explore and get the various gas burners like the table top single burner or the multiple burners with oven and a rustic knob that are efficient and designed in a shiny sparkling bold color which is the answer to the question of cooking in style and comfort. There are different split air conditioners and the auto restart remote wooden facial air conditioner is a new innovation in fan technology which distributes conditioned air throughout the room in a wooden finishing design and restart automatically. Whether you are looking for a chest freezers or refrigerators, click on Shopbeta to get the suitable freezing equipment for your kitchen that has a castor wheel for convenience, external condenser, led light and the capacity to provide long lasting and efficient cooling.

- 9%
Chigo Portable Air Conditioner - 1.0HP White
¢1900 ¢1723
- 5%
Chigo Portable Air Conditioner - 1.5HP White
¢2200 ¢2086
Chigo Invertor Air Conditioner 1.5 HP (CS35L3A-C170)
Chigo Invertor Air Conditioner 2.0 HP (CS51-L3A-P170)
Chigo Invertor Air Conditioner 2.5 HP (CS61-V3A-JH170)
- 11%
¢2631 ¢2332
- 5%
Chigo 10KG Semi Automatic Washing Machine (CWS104A21)
¢1005 ¢950
- 10%
¢2920 ¢2641
- 8%
¢3800 ¢3500
CHIGO 2.5HP Split Air Conditioner- 3 STAR R22 (CS66 W47)
- 10%
Chigo Air Conditioner 1.0 HP Split AC -R22 Gas
¢1690 ¢1526
- 7%
Chigo Air Conditioner 1.0 HP Split AC -R410 Gas
¢1645 ¢1526
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