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Women's Wear

Women Clothing Store Online

Online shopping for women clothing usually involves all the parts of a woman’s clothes ranging from tops to skirts to shoes and this is to make you look even more attractive. Also get the latest in the fashion style for women such as print T-shirts with details that represent your personality which would match a nice pair of jeans or leggings that bring out your curves perfect for weekend outings with friends and family. Shine with the extra comfortable body con dress that makes it easy for you to move around and have fun especially during the vacation period or when you are in that party mode, it would fit perfectly as a party dress. Also get to enjoy formal clothing for business women that need to attend an important seminar or just for the corporate office. Don’t miss the weekend activities such as weddings and other activities. At Shopbeta we have the best materials in Ghana and this would make us help you look good in the midst of your peers on that special day. Buy women clothing online today at shopbeta and at the best price in Ghana.

- 36%
African Wax Print Long Sleeves Dress (LWP3XDS002-005E)
¢250 ¢160
- 21%
Authentic Dress from UK Size 20
¢280 ¢220
Black & Red Straight Dress
- 32%
Black and White Dress
¢250 ¢170
Black Straight Dress
Blue Straight Dress
- 50%
Butterfly Tin Dress (LPCBDS002-005A)
¢300 ¢150
- 20%
Charming Dinner Dress
¢250 ¢200
- 35%
Dashiki Angelina Knee-Length Dress (LWPXDS002-083)
¢200 ¢130
- 35%
Dashiki Angelina Knee-Length Dress (LWPXDS002-083A)
¢200 ¢130
- 35%
Dashiki Angelina Knee-Length Dress (LWPXDS002-083D)
¢200 ¢130
- 35%
Dashiki Ladies Knee-Length Dress (LWPXDS002-083DA)
¢200 ¢130


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